Thursday, 26 June 2014

Busy Day

I had a good day today.  In the morning I stayed home and got to supervise the road construction guys.  We had a big waterman blow out on the side of our house one of the weeks when I was at the kennel.  Today the construction guys came to start repairing the road.  It was very noisy when Mommy came home for lunch so she decided it would be better for me to spend the afternoon in her office.  I did get to sleep while Mommy sat at her desk and stared at paper and the computer screen and shuffled paper around.  Mommy did take breaks and took me outside to sniff around on the grass.  When we got home we couldn't get into our driveway.  I bet you are blaming the road construction guys but that was not it.  Mommy arranged for some other worker guys to come and seal our asphalt driveway.  It now looks black and shiny but it really stinks.  

The worker guys that put up our awnings came back this week and installed little white poles to support the awning in the wind.  Here is a picture:

See the little white poles in the front?

Mommy wants me to ask a question for her.  It will be boring so just bear with me a bit. Mommy knows nothing about plants.  The peepoles before us grew herbs.  We removed the garden but still have a few small beds.  All kinds of things are growing and Mommy has no idea what it is.  For all we know the plants are nothing but weeds.  Mommy wants me to show you a few pictures so you can show them to your peepoles and maybe they know what the plants are.  The rabbits are not eating them so they likely aren't any good.  Anyways here are the pictures:

This grew from nothing real quick

What are those big leaves?  We have them in a few places.

What is that spindly thing.  It grew from nothing.  Mommy thinks it might be a weed.  As you can see Mommy is pathetic when it comes to plants.

Now it is time to get back to me.  Here is a picture of me guarding my yard this evening:


  1. Sounds like ya had some good barkin wif all dose worker guys round.

  2. What a lot of activity!

    Um, We think at least growlmy does that those are weeds. Not sure if'n the furst pic is poison ivy?? Hopefully not, BOL!

    Maybe the big leaved one is rhubarb?
    And the shrubby one might flower?

    Why don't you get your Mommy to take the pics to a garden center to identify them. Then you would know fur sure!

  3. Crikey ... I got no idea on those plants, Jelly but if bunnies won't eat 'em then I wouldn't want to eat 'em either. Bunnies will eat anything. The big leafed one is pretty but Mum reckons it's not rhubarb or at least not any rhubarb that she knows. Poison ivy??? Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  4. Fun times with yur barkin!

    Hmm, maybe sum of that green stuff is stuff the previous home owner used in her bid-ness. Herbie stuff, yu know?

    1. Yes, we think some of it is herby stuff. There is something that looks like grass growing in the beds. Mommy started to pull it out and OMD did it have a smell. It wasn't grass but we sure don't know what it is. When we first looked at the house Mommy thought the garden and beds were full of weeds until the owners said it was herbs.

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    1. Oops!
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  7. I r geddin' tu dis kinda late, bud I asshur yu, Jelly, dat Momma habs NO IDEA whut any ob dose gween fings r! BOL :D I sound kinda pwoud ob hur, don't I? BOL!