Thursday, 10 July 2014

Terrible Day

I had a terrible day today.  A few weeks or years or something ago we had a big water main break right by our house.  Today the worker guys came to fix our street.  They are very noisy and I just hate all the noise and banging.  Those worker guys started at 7:30 am and woke me and Mommy up.  They kept going until 6:00 pm.  It was just horrible!  Here is a picture of me not wanting to move from the deck and the security of being close to Mommy:

Here are some pictures of the worker guys;

Right now it is so peaceful with them gone.  We heard them say they will be back tomorrow.  I am in for another bad day!


  1. Whut a BarkFest! Fire up the grill! We can all come over an have a pawty while the wurker guys are wurkin!

    Poor Jelly, havin to deal with all of that on yur own. I bet yu sleep good tonight.

  2. I hope they get everything done tomorrow so you can have peace and quite again.

  3. Jelly, if ya fink dat are bad, yesterday I had da air condishunin guys here from 7 AM to 10 PM. I did so much barkin!

  4. You poor pup. I would be all ina frenzy with those workers and machines. Sheesh, I try to scare the trash truck away, and it works, so why not construction ones??

    Hope they fix it fast!

  5. Crikey Jelly .... poor you!!! Hope they finish tomorrow for you but I don't like your chances. Looks like a lot of work left to be done, aye??

  6. Dere r nuffin werser dan habbin' tu wissen tu a bunch ob fweaty guys frowin' durt an' junk 'wound out on yur stweet. An' dere noizee macheens r nuff tu dwibe a pup cwazee.

    Yu wook WEEL p*ssed-off in da pichur, Jelly, wike yu cood bite a guys weg off or sumfing!! (An' yes I compwetewy unnerstan dat wadies also du confwucshun werk, so no angwy letters, pweeze!)