Monday, 21 July 2014


Mommy is now on vacation for four weeks.  We have had a real nice few days just being at home.  We have been enjoying our retractable awning.  On Thursday Mommy is going on the big flying machine to Winnipeg.  I wish I could go but I have to go to the kennel.  I am really good at flying but I still can't go. Mommy says when she gets home she will still have 1.5 weeks of vacation that we can enjoy together.

My pal Zoe showed us a picture of her sunset a few days or weeks or years ago.  I thought I would show you a picture of my sunset.


  1. That is a lovely sunset, Jelly!
    I hope your Mommy's flight and visit to Winnipeg is relaxing and wonderfur! plans fur yourself in the kennel? Need a visit from all of us to spring you?
    Maybe you could go to my cousin-pup in Milton...growlmy was just there and Murphy was looking for me in her luggage. (OMD!)


  2. Have a fun vacation! And have a good time at da kennel, if ya need to be sprung, let us know.

  3. Beautiful sunset, Jelly!! You show 'em who's boss at that kennel place, aye?? Hope your Momma has a nice vacation although how that's possible without you I don't know!!

  4. Purdy sunset! The orange barrels bring out the orange. Bol!
    Have a fun time on yur vacation. I know yu will Own that place!