Friday, 1 August 2014

Steinbach Mennonite Heritage Village Part 1

Mommy is still on vacation in Winnipeg and I am at doggy camp (kennel).  Mommy says she is having a great time visiting with family and friends.  She says she is also doing the tourist thing visiting different places.

Yesderday Mommy went to Steinbach Manitoba which is about 30 minutes east of Winnipeg and visited the Steinbach Mennonite Museum.  It has been at least six years since she had last been there. They have a museum plus a whole little town. In the town are two school houses, one of which Mommy's mother attended.  Her mother went to that little one room school for grades 1 to 9.  Here are some pictures Mommy took:

Here is the Main Street of the town.

The above two pictures are a sod house that would be similar to what Mommy's Great Grandparents would have lived in.

This is the windmill that was used to grind the grain to make flour.  You can buy flour that was made here.

This was Grandmas school.

This is Mommy teaching school. BOL!

These are more pictures of the school.

Mommy remembers her Mommy talking about the school.  There were grades 1 to 9 all in the same room.  She started school one year late because she was going to be the only kid in grade one.  By starting a year later there were three kids in grade one.  She also talked about how they were suppose to speak English at the school but they mostly spoke low German unless the school inspector was there.

I will post some more pictures of the village next time.


  1. Very innerestin Jelly.
    Bol! The school's name is Barkfield! Is that where dogs went to learn obedience?

    Hope yur are doin ok in the kennel place. I bet yu are In Charge!

  2. Wow!

    Imagine living like that.
    I like the name on the school...Barkfield...did the kids bark when they were not taking lessons? BOL!

    Hope that all is well at the doggy gaol! Oops, I mean spa!

  3. Crikey .... that sure is interesting!! That sod house look likes a fun place to live, aye? Looks a bit like a giant dog kennel. Is the whole town called Barkfield or just the school?? Great name for a town, aye?? Hope you're ruling the roost in the torture chamber come kennel place!!

  4. Dat's innerestin' dat dey spoke German.. there's some towns in Texas that up until da 1970s most of da peeples spoke German, too...

    Bet she's havin' fun bein' a tourist...