Saturday, 16 August 2014

This and That

I have lots of things to bark about today.

First, I am back to my old self after having my teeth cleaned.  Mommy and I started back up with our teeth brushing.  We used to brush my teeth every day but got away from it when Mommy started to work so much out of town.  Now that Mommy isn't away so much we hope to keep up with the brushing.  Mommy bought me my own tooth brush holder and peanut flavoured tooth paste.  I even get my own bathroom for my teeth brushing.  Yep, you heard me right my own bathroom.  You see Mommy always uses the ensuite bathroom but we have another bathroom off the hall that I use for teeth brushing and I share it with company.  I use that bathroom since it has a big counter for me to sit on.  Mommy puts a fluffy pad on the counter for me and lifts me up to sit on the pad and brushes my teeth.  We were surprised to see that my new tooth paste is black.  I seem to like the taste.  The biggest problem is my mouth is so tiny that even with a small tooth brush it is hard to get back to the furthest teeth.

Mommy made a roast beast this week so I have been getting some roast beast in my supper kibbles.  Yummy!  Today Mommy cut up some green beans and put that into my kibble too.  Yummy, yummy!

Mommy has to go back to work on Tuesday.  We have had a great holiday.  Mommy said I will be very busy on Tuesday and Wednesday because those are the days that the handyman guy will put up our new shed.  Our shed is 8' X 10' .  Mommy wants to store lots of the stuff we have in the garage into our shed and then park our car in the garage.  This is what our shed will look like

There will be lots of good barking coming next week.  I am going to be able to watch all the action from my patio doors.  The first day the guy will install the base and the second day he will put up the shed.

Mommy says in a couple of weeks there will be even more barking.  She has arranged to get a backsplash installed in the kitchen.  What is that I wondered?  Mommy showed me 12"X12" pieces of tile that they will glue on the wall.  Boring!  As if you really care but this is the tile

I don't know why she wants to glue all those pieces on the wall but I will enjoy the barking.

That is about all I can think about barking about right now.


  1. Good times comin fur yur barkin pleasure!
    I wunner if a human baby toof brush wud be a better size fur yur lil mouf? Or maybe yu already have tried that. Yu are a smart pup an probly already tol' yur Mommy.
    Black toofpaste seems rong, huh?
    That will be good to have yur car be able to live in the garage.
    An whut is it with peepoles always doin stuff in an around the house? They should spend their moneys on goodies fur their cute lil pups!

  2. My toothbrush is very small. We will take a picture. We have never seen baby tooth brushes so maybe? I am only 8 lbs and Mommy says my mouth is more like a cat's mouth.

    Mommy is looking forward to having the car in an attached garage. She has had a garage before but never an attached one.

    Yea, I think there is something wrong with black tooth paste. It tastes good and I don't object about it being in my mouth. You are right, peepoles shouldn't waste their money on stupid things for the house like gluing stone on the wall. They need to spend money on their pups.

    1. Maybe I shoulda said toddler toofbrush, but maybe check out that area. Or maybe yu could find a kitty cat toofbrush? I dunno.

  3. Yup, a kitty brush maybe just the thing. Growlmy has some doggy brushes, too, and the one end has a bigger head, the other has a teeny brush. She uses a teeny one fur Minko cause he's tiny by comparison to me...and of course she uses the teeny side fur Pipo, too, even though he is about 13 pounds.

    You fur sure are going to be in bark heaven! BOL!

  4. Crikey ... you got roast beast AND beans. Lucky you, aye?? It might seem uninteresting to us but I remember your Momma talking about your frozen car last winter so I think a garage where you can put your car at night is a VERY good thing to have. Well ..... in winter time anyway. AND it's coming up again, aye??