Sunday, 10 August 2014

I am Home!

Mommy got home on Thursday as planned.  When she arrived at the kennel I was in the front yard playing with the Kennel Lady.  I saw my Mommy and I couldn't get to her fast enought!  Mommy picked me up and we had lots of hugs and kisses.  I had a real good friend at the kennel, a male Sheltie about my age.  Mommy didn't ask his name so I will call him Sheltie.  We would spend our mornings in the grassed yard sun bathing.  Three times per day we also went for walks together.  He was my very bestest friend.  Sheltie arrived at the kennel the same day as I did and left on the same day too.  There also were two big crazy dogs there,  I of course was the boss of everyone.  

Since I have been home I have been enjoying my backyard and being back together with Mommy.  All my toys are also present and accounted for.  I am sure glad some pup didn't steal them while I was away.


  1. Yu had a secret pal, well jus' his name is a secret. I'm glad yu had a fun time. It is sure good to be back to home, sweet, home though huh?

  2. Glad you are back home!
    And no stolen puperty either!

  3. Crikey ..... so good to hear you're home!! It's the best place, aye and now you have Mommy for a while before she has to go back to work. How good's that?? Did you get lots of pressies??????