Thursday, 14 August 2014


Help!  I am at the vet office right now and Mommy has abandoned me!  She took me to the vet early this morning and wouldn't even give me breakfast.  Why is she torturing me when I am such a cute pup?  The first thing they did was examine me and suck out all my blood.  Then they are going to make me sleep and clean my teeth.  Mommy is at home waiting to hear how I make out.  What is she doing at home?  I think she should be at the vet with me.  Can any pup rescue me?


  1. Let me grab a couple of stuffies and then I'll come running....Oh, wait a minute I have to stay here and take care of my new fursister Mei-Ling. Let me call Zaidie and see if he can go rescue you - okay?

    1. Crikey Puffy ..... how's little Mei-Ling going? We're dying to hear all about her.

  2. Yes, why didn't she stay with you to snoopervise?

    If Puffy notifies Zaidie, then I will get my doggy cousin Murphy to join up in the spring-out caper. Murphy lives not too far from Zaidie, in that Ontario Province...

  3. Can yu hear me Jelly? Or are yu already knocked out?

    We're on our way! Gotta save Jelly!

    Hey, Puff! Let's hear 'bout Mei-Ling! Howz that goin?

  4. Whitley and me got our toofers cleaned earlier dis year. We got sprung early cuz Whitley is such a barkaholic she were drivin' 'em nutso!! So my advice is, once ya wakes up, bark like crazee!! They'll call yer Momma and tell her to come git ya!

  5. I sure don't feel too good right now, kind of drunk feeling. The vet called Mommy and said all went well. There were no extractions needed. Mommy can pick me up at 2 pm. Hurry Mommy!

  6. Crikey .... thank goodness!! I wouldn't have been any help, aye?? By the time I got there you'd be saved. Glad you got no extractions!!