Thursday, 14 August 2014

I am Home

I am now home from the vet.  Mommy says I have pearly white teeth!  I am still a little woozy but I should be back to my old self in no time.  Mommy doesn't want me to go on stairs so she has been carrying me up and down.

When Mommy arrived the vet met with Mommy in the exam room.  Mommy was impressed with this ver because most would have just handed me over and not spend the time to get into details considering everything was good.  The vet had a written report for Mommy.  She told Mommy I was a wonderful little dog and she can see how I would be a great companion at home.  :). They said I look like a little gremlin and I am the first affenpinscher they have seen.

This is what is written in the report:

"Jelly was a pleasure to have in the clinic.  She got lots of cuddles from staff while waking up from anaesthetics.  We had no complications with anaesthetics during surgery and woke up well.  Jelly is a sweet little dog!" 

They gave me a tooth brush and some poultry flavoured tooth paste.  I could have thought of better presents but Mommy seemed happy with it.

Here is a picture of what they did to my leg:

You can see they shaved a big spot off my leg.  Mommy says it will grow back.


  1. Well, a toof brush an toof paste is probly better than a lollipop, don't yu think?
    Yu should get sum ice cream or uther goodie fur bein such a good patient Yur Mommy should get yu sum goodies.

    Hmm, the vet gave yur Mommy a nice report. The office person probly gave her the Bill.

    1. You bet Mommy got the bill! It was $429 plus tax. This was the best quote we could get. Another clinic wanted $850-$900 plus tax and another one was $1100-$1200 plus tax. All the above would have charged extra for extractions. How does this compare to where you live?

    2. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't tell yu whut it cost us in Apr for my toofers to get cleaned.
      Health Check (blood wurk, we think) $58
      anesthesia $100
      dental cleaning and polish $73

      Me an Tux got our vaccinations, including rabies and kennel cough and the dental for a total of $387

    3. Our vet prices are crazy. We only got the $429 because we drove 30 minutes out of town and went to a rural vet that has a large and small animal practice. The small animal practices in the City are very expensive. The $1200 one is close to us where it is all new homes and lots of very expensive houses. The $1200 price didn't include the blood work. We figure they would have got the price up to close to $2000 with blood work, 13% tax and a few extras that they would have thought of. Our $429 price include everything. The $850 price was from a clinic the other side of the City with older homes. Mommy can't figure out how that expensive clinic gets people to pay those prices but they do.

    4. Maybe they serve wine an fancy snacks in the waitin room. Bol!

      Those prices are outrageous!

    5. They treat you like royalty in there. There is lots of staff, all very young pretty early 20 year old women in nice uniforms. They seem to hover all around. We went there when we were trying out different vets. We had my anal glands done, a complete check and blood work, urine analysis and stool analysis and it was $600. This where we got the $1200 quote for teeth. They said if we got it done quickly they wouldn't charge us for another blood work and extractions would be extra. On the day of surgery they wanted you there so you could okay the extras they find. A couple of weeks later Mommy cancelled the appointment they had made for us and they never asked any questions because they had to have known. Up until then we were getting regular emails from them on different things and now we get nothing. Mommy says they are just hunting for the people who are willing to pay the prices and as soon as they see you know your prices they just drop you.

  2. Bet your toofers look really pretty now!

  3. Glad you are home and happy to know your Mommy's pocket has lots of that green stuff left to buy you a big present or treat...or both!

    What a rip off at those expensive vets...
    I had to pay around 500, last March, but I needed an extraction...and some meds...

    1. I think Mommy should spend some of the savings on me. It really is sad to see some vets ripping off people. If the person isn't smart enough to go shopping around then there may be pups that just don't get what they need because the people can't afford the prices. Teeth can be viewed as somewhat optional by some at those prices so the poor pup doesn't get their teeth done.

  4. Crikey ...... betta buy some floss to go with that tooth paste. Don't wanna have to go too often at those prices. My Vet's a lot cheaper than that. About $200 would cover it. Oh that's AUD of course. Our Vet only charges for the initial visit. All follow up visits are free. We just pay for medications. He's a real good bloke.Mind you there's no fancy stuff with him but he sure knows what he's doing.