Saturday, 2 August 2014

Icelandic Festival / Winnipeg Beach

Mommy is really enjoying being a tourist in Manitoba.  Today she went with friends to the Icelandic Festival in Gimli, Manitoba.  Gimli is north of Winnipeg on Lake Manitoba.  It was originally settled by Icelanders.  There were lots of people there with many booths with items for sale and many demonstrations.  One of Mommy's friends had her 12 year old Shepard go to the Rainbow Bridge a couple of weeks ago.  A couple of rescue groups had booths set up and they met a pup called Mushka.  Mommy's friend fell in love with Mushka and is looking into adopting her.  Muska is one year old and is over 80 lbs. Here is a picture of Mushka:

I hope things work out for Mushka and Mommy's friend.  

After they looked all over Gimli they went to Winnipeg beach and had a picnic.  Here are some pictures of Winnipeg Beach:

It was real windy at the beach.


  1. It looks windy dere - da waves are splashin up big.

    Momma told me da dwarf in da Lord of da Rings are also named Gimli (yeah, she are sometimes weird like dat). I are just surprised she remembered anything cept Orlando Bloom. BOL!

  2. I hope Mushka gets his furevfur home!

    Seeing all those Canadian flags has given growlmy a few homesickness pangs...even after all the years, (27), of living in Michigan she still feels good to see a Canadian Flag. She even has one on her van!

  3. Bol Whit! That's whut Mommy thot too when she saw Gimli.
    Let us know how it goes with Mushka gettin 'dopted. Hope it turns out good!

  4. Crikey it looks cold at that beach. Isn't it summer over there?? That Mushka sure looks big. I hope your Mommy's friend gets to adopt him. He looks like a good, gentle bloke, aye??

    1. It is summer. It was about 28 C that day although it was cooler by the water and very windy. Mushka does seem very gentle but the peepoles said she can act like a puppy being only 1 year old.

  5. Mushka was rescued from an aboriginal reserve. There is a large problem on some reserves with dogs running wild in packs. They have dog shooting days to keep the numbers down which horrify people. There have been situations with children being attacked by wild packs and either killed or seriously injured. Various rescue groups go and rescue dogs before they are killed. The day we were in Gimli we met three dogs that had been rescued from reserves.