Saturday, 2 August 2014

Steinbach Museum Part 2

We have had some questions on Barkfield School.  It was part of Barkfield School Division and was opened in 1919 near Pansy, Manitoba.  In 1919 they had 12 students ages 7 to 14, all in grade one.  Eventually it would have grades 1 to 8.  Grandma would have attended it from 1940 to 1948.  We have pictures of Grandma in the school in those years.  The school looks the same now as in those pictures.  I thought it sounded like an obedience school for pups but Mommy said no.  Maybe I should start a pup school with that name?

Here is a picture of a typical Mennonite house:

Notice the barn is attached to the house.  On the left side is a "summer kitchen".  Mommy remembers Grandma talking a lot about the summer kitchen at her house.  

Mennonites speak low German which is different then German (called high German).  Mommy says she used to visit Grandmas and everyone spoke low German.  They were originally from Holland, moved to Russia and then to Manitoba, Canada.

Here are some of the farm animals at the museum:

Mommy really enjoyed the museum especially being able to compare it to our family tree that she researched.  I wish I could have seen those animals.  It looks like lots of good smells to me!


  1. Yeah, dose animals look like dey'd be fun to bark at.

  2. OMD! I could bark em all too! BOL!

    I bet growlmy could maybe understand the low German, she is from Dutch heritage, and can still speak & read it...her peeps taught her and her sister how to do that when they were knee high to a a few centuries ago....

    Lets see...Ik wil ook op vacantie zijn...I want to be on vacation, least that is what growlmy said there.
    Tot ziens! Bye!

  3. That Barkfield wud be great fur all us pups to visit, specially with all those farm smells an stuff to clean up!

  4. Chooks ...... chooks ....... I saw chooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!