Sunday, 23 November 2014

This and That

I got home from the kennel a week ago.  Everything was fine at the kennel.  I had to keep the pups in line and supervise the whole place.  I don't know how that place survives when I am not there!  Mommy doesn't think I have to go back to the kennel until the end of January.

Mommy said she had a good time on her Winnipeg trip.  I don't think she could have a good time without me.

Last weekend after we got home Mommy pulled all the flowers out.  They still looked nice but snow was in the forecast so out they came.  Mommy also sectioned off the yard for the winter so now I only get a small section.  Mommy says she doesn't want to worry about me running all over the yard in the winter.  I am only 8 lbs so usually I can walk on top of the snow.  Mommy then has to keep the snow shovelled around the fence so I don't walk over.  She also doesn't like it when I do my poopy on top of a big snow bank and she can't get there to pick it up.  It is boring being confined to a small area but when it is cold I don't want to be out much so it won't be so bad.

This week we got our first blast of winter.  It was cold and snowy.  Mommy liked having the car in the attached garage.  She just walks into the garage, jumps in the car and drives away.  There is no scrapping windows and she doesn't even have to walk in snow.  It is real nice because we have a snow clearing guy too that had the driveway all shovelled when we woke up in the morning.  Right now it is warm outside and most of the snow has melted.  By Monday it is suppose to be up to 15 C (60F) so all the snow should disappear.

That about covers everything here.  


  1. Hi Pal! Thanks fur barkin in that yu are doin fine. That's a good idea 'bout keepin yu in a smaller area in yur yard. I member last year when yu were thinkin bout goin ofur the top o' the fence!

  2. Did ya bark the snow plough dude?!

    We had a load of snow here too, but now its all gone and its about 10C and pourung rain...what yo-yo weather we are having. Glad we are not in Buffalo where all that snow is going to be melting too fast. First they get buried, now they'll drown, OMD!

    Glad to hear your barks!

  3. Yay fur habbin' a gud pwace tu stay while yur Mommy 'bandons yu! Yur gawage sounds weal gwate, Jelly. It will make life so much easier fru da wong, cold winter!

  4. Crikey Jelly ..... thank goodness your Mommy got that garage all sorted. I remember all the iced up car troubles last year. That will sure make life easier for her, aye?? AND she'll have more time for you.
    My Mum's still coming to terms with the fact that you get so much snow you could just walk OVER your fence. OMD!! AND I've NEVER even seen one flake.