Saturday, 29 November 2014

Hide Toys

One of the things I like to do best is hide toys.  I have enjoyed doing this since a little puppy.  I will carry a toy around the house and search and search for the perfect hiding spot.  I will show you some pictures.

This picture shows some toys in one of my beds.

Here are some toys that I hid.

A closer shot of hidden toys.  I love hiding toys!  Do you hide toys?


  1. I hide toys too, my favorite spot is in momma's bed!

  2. Now that's a real talent! Why do yu hide yur toys? It's not like anuther pup is gonna take 'em away.

    1. I just love hiding toys, it is a great sport. On a practical side you never know when one of those pups that walk by my house may sneak in and steal a toy or when one of those worker guys may steal toys.

  3. Hmmm, I shall have to try that, kitty brofurs are really good at hiding their toys under things...and growlmy only finds them if she is cleaning the 14 mousie toys at one time, OMD!!

  4. Yu r a pawsum toy-hider, Jelly! I hab neber dunned dat. Nod eben once!

  5. Crikey Jelly ..... what a good hider you are, aye?? Do you EVER forget where you put 'em?? I don't hide my toys but Mum hides 'em from me and tries to make me find 'em. I'm pretty good at that!!