Friday, 31 October 2014

My Birthday

It is my Birthday!  I actually have two birthdays.  I will explain.  My litter mates were born on Oct 30th and I was born last and was born on Oct 31.  On my Canadian Kennel Club papers it says my birthday is Oct 30th, there is no option to give pups from the same litter different birthdays.  So I have my CKC birthday on the 30th and my real birthday on the 31st.  This works out well for me because I celebrate both days!  Yesterday on my first birthday I got a special long walk, extra play time outside, lots of extra attention and chicken mixed in my kibble.  Today I celebrated my birthday by helping Mommy hand out Halloween treats.  Isn't it nice that all those kids come to my house every year to celebrate my birthday?  I dressed up like a pumpkin and everyone thought I was cute.  I had 31 kids come to my house this year to celebrate my birthday.


  1. Yay fur two birthdays! Sounds like yu had sum good times!


  2. Happiest of birthdays, Jelly!! Two birthdays!! Whut a lucky pup you are!

  3. Double birthday fun and games fur you!

    Happy Birthday to YOU!!

  4. Wucky yu, Jelly!! It sounds wike boff yur birfdays wuz WEAL fun! WOO-HOO!!!