Saturday, 11 October 2014

Recent Happenings

I haven't barked in a really long time.  Mommy has been busy working.  She doesn't have to go out of town very often so I haven't been at the kennel since August.  It is wonderful being home all the time.

We finally got the shed installed in the backyard, it made for some real interesting supervising for a few days.  I like running around the shed too.  Here is a picture of me taken today beside the shed:

Mommy also got a backsplash installed in the kitchen.  I had no idea what a backsplash was but I found out!  It is just a bunch of stones glued to the wall.  Peepoles can sure do crazy things sometimes!  I had a couple more real interesting days supervising the glueing of the stones. I doubt you are interested in the stones stuck to the wall but Mommy wants me to show you a picture of it.  Here it is:

We have been having some nice fall weather.  Here is a picture of me taken today guarding my fence line:

Here is another picture of me taken today waiting for my breakfast:

I am a Princess and always have to sit on carpet to eat.

Now I better get going and read your blogs so I can catch up on all the news.


  1. Sounds like ya been busy snoopervisin!

  2. Hi Pal! Good to hear yu barkin again!
    Sounds like yuv had a barkin-good summer!

  3. Crikey Jelly ..... I've missed you. You're sure lookin' good. I must have a bit of Princess in me ..... well Prince, anyway. My food is ALWAYS put on the tiles but I ALWAYS take my biscuits, one by one, into the loungeroom, to the carpet, to eat them.
    Fancy your Momma having rocks glued to her wall. That's too weird, aye??

  4. You can send those workers here, next...growlmy says she wpuld love stones glues to her kitchen walls...much nicer than the old stuff there now, BOL!

    Good to see/hear you.
    I eat on the diningroom carpet...kitties eat on a lil placemat... I must be doggy king, OMD!

  5. Yay, Jelly! Yu'r back! Gwad yu habbed a gud summer. I bet Kingston in Autumn r weal pwetty!

    I pwefer tu eat on carpet, tu. Whut r up wif dat???