Thursday, 4 September 2014


I haven't barked in forever.  That Mommy of mine is busy at work and doesn't seem to find time to type for me.  It will take me a few entries to catch you pups up on everything.

Right now we have a mystery at my house.  Last Friday when Mommy came home from work there was a little bag on our step with three tomatoes. We have no idea who left it.  Mommy loves toasted tomato sandwiches so she enjoyed those tomatoes.  Then today when she got home there was another little bag with three more tomatoes.  Who is the mystery tomato person?  Thank you Mystery Tomato Person because you make my Mommy happy!  This is a real mystery.........


  1. I think you have furry nice neighbors indeed!

    Have you tried tomato?? I love them!

  2. Well dat are a good mystery! Maybe it are a friendly neighbor wif tomato plants?

  3. Notme! But the good, nice Notme!

  4. Well, it wood hab beened me cuz we r dwowndin' in tomatoez 'wound heer!! 'Cept I r nod 'llowed tu take da car out by myselb until I turn 7.

    Yeah, wike Zoe sed, Notme, bud da weberse kinda Notme. Also him r a begetawian :D