Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Oh my dog, did we ever get a bunch of snow.  We had to have got 25 to 30 cm of snow.  It snowed and snowed all day Wednesday.  Mommy stayed home and worked from home.  She sat at the dining room table with her lap top, papers all over, her cell phone and our home phone. From where she sat she could look out the living room windows and the dining room windows. The phones were ringing and Mommy was talking.  There was one point where she was talking on both phones at the same time. Yap, yap,yap, yap......  It was boring talking but kind of funny to watch.  This is exactly what I see Mommy do at work. It was nice having Mommy at home.  Every time I wanted to go potty Mommy went out and shovelled an area for me.  The snow clearing guy came about 5 pm and cleared the driveway.  It has snowed lots since then so Mommy is hoping he will be back before she has to go to work in the morning.i like snow days when Mommy stays home.


  1. For once we didn't get any snow at all, though its very cold.
    Glad you had a mommy at home day!

  2. That is a nice change fur yu to have yur Mommy home. But that sounds crazy, talkin on 2 phones at one time.

    Thanks fur the purdy card Pal!

  3. Yu r SO lucky, Jelly!! We onwy gedded a dustin' ob snowz, bud we wuz told tu 'xpect at weast a coupla inches. Whut a wip-off!!

  4. Crikey Jelly ...... how good is that?? Snow AND Mommy home with you. She can talk on two phones at the same time?? Crikey ........ that's some talented Momma you got, aye??