Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve Barking

I hope all you pups are ready for Christmas.  We are ready with the tree up, presents bought and wrapped and all the yummies in the house.  It looks like we are going to have a green Christmas this year.  Mommy and I have never experienced a green Christmas so this will be new to us.  Here is a picture of me in my backyard taken today:

As you can see no snow.  If you look on the right side you will see the fencing Mommy put up to keep me in a small section for the winter.

Here is a picture of me looking out on my Kingdom from my deck.  I would not look at Mommy today while she was taking pictures and it drove her crazy!  BOL!

On another subject, here is a picture of our Niece taken a couple of years ago with her pup:

She is 24 years old and a nurse.  We are all real proud of her.

Here is a picture of her boyfriends dog.  He is 180 lbs and is a big goofy Beethoven pup.

I had lots of fun this week supervising the handyman guy installing our TV in the kitchen.  Then the next day the cable guy came which was lots of fun.  Mommy is not real techy but she managed to get the blue ray player installed and the Netflex working.  Now she says she has to figure out what to do with all the wires.  Here is our kitchen TV:(see the wire mess)

Wishing every pup a Happy and safe Christmas!


  1. A green Christmas is fine, as long as yu get pressies! Bol! I think we are 'posed to have a white Christmas!
    Yur niece is a very purdy gurl an I know yu are proud of her. She wurked hard in university an has done real good. Her pup is cute, I bet it's bigger than that now. An the Beethoven pup can shur pose fur the camera!
    Good job JellyMommy on hookin up the stuff fur the T & V! Now yu can learn whut All those buttons on the remote do! Argh! Bol!

    Merry Christmas Jelly an Mommy!

    1. Yep that pup is much bigger. His name is Copper and he is three years old. He has a sad story. Someone put his litter into a bag and dumped them on the side of the road to freeze. He was the only one to survive. He is a big friendly boy.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and all of your furmily, too!

    Befur growlmy got married she worked at London's (Ontario)Victoria Hospital as a nurse she works as a nurses aide...Hmmm...that's because she didn't work at all when her kidlets were in school, then she got sick, and now she just likes to do the hands on kind of she is in a nursing home. Super hard work, furry rewarding!

    Love those pup pics!

    Have fun with your new techie things, BOL!

    Oh, we were supposed to have a soggy green Christmas, but the snow has now covered our ground...we are going to be all white!!! Just in the nick of time!

  3. Crikey Jelly ..... your backyard looks like ours. Maybe we'll get your snow. That'd be weird, aye?? I don't think so though. It's in the mid 30C's at the moment. Lovely pics of your niece and the pups. How could anyone put a puppy out with the rubbish and leave it to die. Some peeps are unbelievable, aye?? I'm glad that little bloke survived.
    Mmmmmmmm .... the wires. Best of luck with that one, Mom. Hope you had a great Christmas Jelly even if it wasn't white. Ours wasn't!!!!

  4. Yup, it wuz a gween Chwistmus heer, tu. We wuff da pichur ob yur neece an' da pups, tu! When I heer 'bout peeple duin' meen an' howwible stuffs tu animals, I ged WEAL angwy. Grrrrrr....
    Gud werk wookin' 'way fwum da camerwa, Jelly! We neber want tu make anyfing ezee fur our peeples!!