Saturday, 13 December 2014

Poochie Bells and Christmas Tree

My pal Zaidie barked about his poochie bells.  I wanted to show all you pups my poochie bells.  I ring them when I have to go outside potty.  Mommy ignored the bells a couple of times and she ended up having to clean up some potty off the floor so now she always comes running.  You just have to train your peepoles and it works great.  Here are my poochie bells:

My Mommy is real lazy when it comes to our Christmas tree.  Our tree is a fake :0 !  It is one piece and four feet tall.  Mommy just has to put it in the base and plug it in since it has built in lights.  She adds a few decorations and some garland and instant tree in about 20 minutes.  Here is our tree:

You can see my chaise lounge just to the left with my big doggie pillow that is as big as me.  It is nice snuggling in my pillow on the chaise lounge by the tree.


  1. Those Poochie Bells are a great idea! I jus scratch on the door, Mommy comes runnin, hollerin fur me to stop scratchin the paint! Bol!
    Yu look very nice sittin nex to yur instant tree! We need sumfin like that. Mommy don't get motivated to do much o' nuthin. *sigh*

  2. You's real cute in front of your tree!

  3. Crikey Jelly ..... you too, aye?? They're pretty sexy looking bells you got there. Do you think if I bought some and put 'em on the fridge door, that just maybe, I could train Mum to open it and give me a chicken neck every time I rang 'em?????? S'pose not ..... those peeps are pretty lacking in the brains department, aye?? Can't teach 'em much of anything!!

  4. We gots bells on our door handles now, too...but only till after the decorations all go back into their hiding boxes fur another year...they are not part of my daily doings.
    Your bells look furry dainty and I am glad you learned so fast! I jut sit by the door and stare at anyone who will let me out...that is I did that until I got my doggy door!

    1. Growlmy could use an instant tree!! Hers are not up, though they are scattered over the floor until she can put them in their 'spots'! BOL!

  5. I wuff yur instant twee, Jelly!! It r perfek fur yu an' yur Mommy!

    Yur chaise wooks weal comfy. I shur cood use one ob dose.

    Tugefur we will conbince ALL our fwiends dat Poochie Bells r da way tu go!! All da kewl pupses hab dem! BOL :D Gud idea 'bout habbin' a set on da fwidge, Charwie! My peeples will oben anyfing as wong as I wing dose bells!

  6. Ya looks so sweet and cute under yer tree, Jelly.

    Dose poochie bells are a grrrreat idea! I's already trained da peeple by goin' up to dem and barkin' em... but Momma sez she might just have to get dose fur da next pup.

    Pup? What da woof? Dere don't need to be no more pups round here, Momma!!