Sunday, 14 December 2014

Miscellaneous Barking

I started this entry on Sunday but my lazy typist did not finish it.  This is what I barked on Sunday:

I do tend to snore when I sleep. It is because of my little pushed in nose.  Normally the snoring isn't bad but last night I really snored loud.  I snored so loud that I woke Mommy up at 1:30 am.  Mommy was in a sound sleep and at first she couldn't figure out where the noise came from.  I was curled up with Mommy so she woke me up and said not to snore.  As if I have any control in it!  Sorry Mommy.

You may know how I hate sucky machines. Well, yesterday showed promise with our sucky machine not sounding very good.  Mommy thinks we might have to get a new one.  I say we don't need one but Mommy says we do.  We need a machine for hardwood, ceramic tile, vinyl and carpet on the main floor and laminate in the basement.  Mommy is making me ask this question, what kind of sucky machine do your peepoles like?  Please say they don't like sucky machines.

Now for Wednesday:

Mommy came home from work and said she is not going back to work until January!  Our Christmas holidays have begun!  (Jelly does a happy dance)

Tomorrow should be interesting as the handy guy is coming over.  Mommy wants him to install a TV on the kitchen wall.  Yep, you heard me right.  Mommy said she can cook and watch TV or we can sit at the kitchen table and watch TV.  I see lots of barking and supervising in my future.  That now makes three TVs in our house for me and Mommy.


  1. I've started snorin some too lately - guess it are cuz I are gettin older.

    I kill sucky machines, I's killed 2 and can come help ya out it you momma gets a new one.

  2. Ok, furst off, on that snorin thing. Since yur Mommy did not know fur shur it wuz yu, it wuz Notme. Get it? Got it? Good! A princess pup can't let the wurd get out that she snores!
    Hmm, sucky machines. I only bark at ours when that long hose thingy comes out. I do bark at it an try to get it afore it gets me! We have an upstairs an a downstairs one but they are both basically the same. A Simplicity an a Riccar, uprites. So Mommy tells me.
    Yay! fur havin sum time off with yu Mommy. She wurks hards an yu 2 deserve sum time off. An wurker men are the icin on the cake!

  3. Dem 'say' I snore, bud I r nuffin compared wif Dadda! In fak, him habbed a 'sleep study' back in May and him scored a 3 outta 4 on da snorin' scale! Momma wuz SO habby tu finawwy be bewiebed!! Until Dadda geds da mouf peece fing him r 'spposta ged fwum da dentist, Momma r in anuber woom. Eben in DERE, hur can still heer him sumtimes. Fank gudness fur earpwugs!!

    Sucky 'chines??? We jus' gedded a Dyson cuz our bacuum wuz old an' did nod pick up my furz anymore. It wuz on sale - $399 'stead ob $599$! It duz carpet an' hardwood an' cewamik tiles an' eberyfing! It r da 'DC 23 Turbine Head Animal Dyson'. I hate it, bud Momma wikes it cuz it r nod tu heavy, bud wifout da sale dem pwobabwy wood nod hab buyed it. Nod shur it r worf ober dat much, 'speshully wif da 13% tax we hafta pay on eberyfing heer in Ontario. *shrugs*

  4. We still are using our old hoover sucker...but growlmy says she would like one of those animal vacs, too...sheesh, does it suck up animals??

    Appawrently I snore too...but pawppy is like Zaidie's Dadda...snores so loud the walls shake, BOL!
    Hey, even Minko snores, BOL!

    Enjoy your workers and your holidays with your Mommy!
    Growlmy only gets 4 days off...but thats better than having to work!

  5. Yup, Fweckles! Da Dyson sucks up animals. In fak, jus' da uber day, Dadda sucked up a hippopotamus in da chitchen! Bol :D